New Product: ARB Kakadu Roof Top Tent

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The new Kakadu model tent is a new addition to the successful range of ARB Touring products. It shares many features and components with the Simpson model but has been designed for simpler set up and warmer climates where maximum ventilation is required.

While it shares many of the frame components with the Simpson III, the Kakadu does not include the extendable veranda section. This makes the Kakadu ideal for fitment to the rear of utility/pick-up vehicles and trailers where the floor level can be mounted lower to the ground with no access issues to the tent.

For increased ventilation, the Kakadu features larger side window openings without the canvas awning over the window exterior. This allows for greater air flow through the tent but also increased view and natural light. Internal canvas shutters are still fitted to seal the windows during inclement weather. To provide rain cover to the window, the fly sheet has been extended and provides more protection to the entire tent.

Also new to the Kakadu is a lighter high density, single layer extruded foam mattress. This reduces the overall weight of the tent and allows for easier folding of the tent during pack up.


Utilizing the same materials as the Simpson model, the Kakadu also has an ABS laminated aluminum ladder framed base for superior floor strength & polystyrene in fill panel insulation which helps to reduce under mattress condensation.

Roof support bows are manufactured from 25mm OD anodized aluminum tube which gives the entire tent structure greater stability in adverse weather conditions.

4mm plated steel hinges along with extruded aluminum tongue & groove base edges ‘lock’ the bases together when erected to ensure minimal flex and superior strength.


As with all canvas products in the Series 3 range, the Kakadu features 300 gsm Poly/cotton Rip Stop canvas with PU (polyurethane) coating for superior water resistance. The PU coating also helps prevent condensation from permeating through the canvas and is easily wiped dry and clean, reducing the likelihood of mildew and staining. This material also meets current fire retardant standards.

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All seams are sealed with welded seam tape to prevent water ingress through thread stitching holes. This also negates the need to season (wet down and dry repeatedly) before initial use like most canvas products.

Doors and windows are fitted with quality insect screen mesh that can be rolled open when not required.


The fly sheet is manufactured from 300D Oxford weave polyester. This coupled with a PU coating means the fly sheet is virtually impervious to water making the Kakadu exceptionally dry in wet conditions.

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The fly sheet uses 8 spring steel bows to keep it taught and reduce flapping in windy conditions.


The Kakadu features an extruded high density single layer mattress to reduce the overall tent weight and to assist with folding the tent during pack up. The removable mattress cover is manufactured from 300D oxford weave polyester for easy cleaning and prevents moisture from penetrating the mattress foam.


By having two mattress types in the Series 3 range, customers can now purchase the denser chip foam mattress supplied in the Simpson model if a firmer mattress is preferred.


The cover on the Kakadu is the same upgraded model seen on the Simpson tents. Utilizing the heavy duty #10 YKK Vislon type zipper and three tie down straps, the cover resists billowing and is less prone to wear and tear.

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Manufactured from UV stabilized 900gsm laminated PVC, all seams are externaly welded for strength and to seal against water ingress.


The ladder is also the same as the Simpson model and has a durable anodized finish. Ladder extensions are available if the tent is fitted to taller vehicles. If the tent is fitted to a utility/pick up or trailer, one main ladder section can be removed if required and the optional short extension can be added to adjust to the perfect length.

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Shipping weight (In Carton):
Tent – 142 pounds
Ladder – 13 pounds

Assembled weight (including ladder and mounting rails): 130 pounds

Dimensions (approx):
Erected – 55” W x 94.5” L x 51” H
Packed – 55” W x 47.25” L x 8” H


New Product – Sneak Peak – Twin Compressor

New Product Press Release will be out for this on Monday, but here are a few quick pictures! The press release is out! This is the new ARB twin compressor.

ARB’s new CKMTA12 and CKMTA24 twin on-board compressor kits were
designed to fill the market need for a compact sized yet high-volume
compressed air source to suit the high volume airflow needs of most air
powered tools, and also to suit the actuation and control needs of the ARB
Air Locker, and the harsh and demanding environment of the ARB Air
Locker user.The press release can be found on the ARB website here.

***APRIL FOOL’S JOKE***SAFARI SNORKEL for the 4th Generation Toyota 4Runner (2003-2009) SS412011HF


April 1, 2011

Seattle, WA – ARB 4×4 Accessories, Australian based four-wheel parts manufacturer, reports that their flagship product, the Safari Snorkel is currently available for the 4th generation 4Runner. The corrugated hose based design is the next step in advanced air delivery systems.  As more and more snorkel designs flood the market, Safari Snorkel is committed to continually improving their product t0 stay ahead of these competitors.


An added benefit of the unique Safari Charge Air Ram is that it can be rotated to any position. This means great peace of mind for those who plan to travel in cold or high altitude conditions where heavy snow falls are anticipated. By rotating the air ram to face away from the prevailing wind/direction of motion, the air ram delivers additional protection from the choking effects of snow build-up inside the air intake.

In arguably the best, if not toughest environment, Safari Snorkel Systems are thoroughly researched, tested and tooled for each unique model of popular 4WD in Australia. Genuine Safari Snorkels – the snorkel trusted by Australians.  Engineered using the very latest CAD, CAM parametric solid modeling systems and finite element analysis packages,

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