New 900DB Dual Beam Auxiliary Light Kit


Most modern vehicles are equipped with plastic headlamp lenses and a specific bulb style that has no aftermarket support in higher wattage options. Along with these bulbs, most new vehicles are equipped with pulse width modulation systems that limits the amount of power to the headlamps. Sadly, this type of system rules out many forms of aftermarket upgrade solutions.

The solution, IPF has taken the very successful IPF 7 inch round headlamp and built it into a bolt-on body. The 900DB auxiliary light kit uses a European type beam pattern paired with a powerful 80 watt low beam, 110 watt high beam dual filament H4 bulb giving an outstanding beam combination. Users can expect up to a 50% increase in low beam output and up to 50% increase in high beam range over most factory headlamp systems.


  • System gives two switchable beams from one body
  • Full snap together loom with dual mode mouse style switch
  • Hardened glass lens with euro type low beam pattern and long range high beam pattern
  • Corrosion resistant brass rivets and stainless screws with internally reinforced multi directional mounting system
  • Dual color powder coated body
  • High grade plastic protective covers
  • Two year warranty on the lamps and wiring, 1 year on the bulbs
  • Easy to understand installation and set up instructions
  • Optional clear hard coat lexan covers available – Part number COVLEX (sold in singles)
  • Note: Lights are too powerful to meet DOT regulations

Part Number: 900DB
Retail: $434.50

New IPF 968 Round Driving Light w/ Black Covers

January 2012

IPF 968 Light with New Black Covers

Multiple Applications

Complete Kit: 968CSB (w/covers) Covers Only: COV968B

Complete Kit: $151.39 Covers Only: $14.16 (each)



ARB 4×4 Accessories, Australian based 4×4 Accessories manufacturer is happy to announce another option to the already popular, IPF 968 light series. Currently offered with a black grills (968CSG), IPF has developed a new complete kit featuring black light covers instead of the grills (968CSB).

As the exclusive distributor of IPF Performance Lighting Systems, ARB requested that this complete light kit specifically designed to suit the needs of ARB fans. Featuring a hybrid reflector lens, black body and new for this kit, a black cover with silver insignia.

This multi-application driving light features a “double reflector” that functions as two separate reflectors. A sub-reflector within the lamp provides a broad fog beam in front of the vehicle while the main reflector projects
a driving beam that illuminates the road far ahead. The combination of beams creates the most universal light pattern for any driving situation. The 55 watt H3 bulb (optional 100w included) shines brilliantly through the clear, hardened glass lens.

The IPF 968CSB kit includes a pair of lamps, complete snap together wiring loom with relay, a mouse style switch and black covers.

These lights are competitively priced and are exceptional value for such a high quality auxiliary light. The 6” diameter lens, encased in a black body with black cover will look great on the front of any vehicle.

If you already own a set of IPF 968 lights, the black covers are also available separately (P/N: COV968B).