New Release: ARB Fridge/Freezer Remote Monitor

ARB Fridge Freezer Remote Monitor



ARB has designed the perfect solution to ensure your food and drinks stay cold with the all new ARB Remote Fridge/ Freezer Monitor which allows you to monitor the operating status of your ARB Fridge/Freezer from the comfort of your driving seat.

Utilizing wireless transmitting technology, the ARB remote fridge monitor displays operating conditions such as internal fridge temperature, supply voltage and compressor status of your ARB Fridge/Freezer on a conveniently located backlit display for the driver to monitor while in transit.

What sets the ARB fridge monitor apart from others are innovative features such as an integrated wiring circuit within the fridge combined with wireless transmitting technology which provides 100ft (30m) line of site or 50ft (15m) interrupted transmission range. The strength of signal is very important for four wheel drive enthusiasts as the fridge may be located in an enclosed area of your caravan, recreational vehicle, service body or camper yet the remote display can still receive an interrupted signal within a distance of 50ft.

Becuase many of our customers carry 2 separate ARB Fridge/Freezers, the ARB fridge monitor can display up to 2 fridges with the addition of second transmitter (sold separately). Another innovative feature is the ability to change the transmission frequency so that you do not inadvertently monitor another fridge in your group.

Once you’re setup at camp, simply remove your ARB Remote Fridge/Freezer Display from its quick release holder, plug in the power supply via your portable power pack, and sit back and monitor your fridge from the comfort of your camp chair, tent or trailer.


  • Remotely monitor ARB Fridge/Freezer operating conditions
  • Multiple receiving channels for minimized transmission disruptions
  • Large easy viewing backlit display
  • Ability to monitor 2 ARB Fridge/Freezers
  • 30m (100ft) line of sight or 15m(50ft) interrupted transmission
  • Quick release bracket for easy removal of LCD display
  • Temperature displayed in either oC or oF
  • Power supply 12V

Part Number: 10900026
Retail: $80.00
Availability: In stock and shipping

Note: ARB Fridge/Freezer remote monitor only compatible with ARB Fridge Freezers manufactured after mid 2014. See full press release for more details.

Fridge Voltage Concerns

With the introduction of the new ARB Freezer Fridge that utilizes a highly sophisticated power supply with low voltage cut-off and fault code diagnostic system we’ve found these units are very sensitive to poor performing power sockets and the associated circuits of the vehicles they are used in. Typically the problem plugs are at the rear of a vehicle and the problem is low voltage at the socket. The result is a fridge that reads an incorrect dead battery and shuts off flashing a low voltage code.


Fridge runs normally on 110AC and on 12V in a running vehicle, but with the engine off the fridge shuts down and flashes a code (1 flash every 5 seconds) on the display indicating a problem. In this case the code is “low voltage battery protection.”

Once the vehicle is restarted the fridge turns back on and operates normally.


Voltage under load (fridge running) has dropped below the specified setting on the fridge power supply (low 10.1V, med 11.4V, high 11.8V)  resulting in fridge shut down.


Important: All tests to be performed with the engine not running.

First confirm with a digital volt meter (DVM) that the battery has sufficient charge (voltage) and is simply not old and weak causing the problem. Under no load the battery should be about 12.5 volts during this test confirming a good charge.

After confirming the battery is good check the output of the power socket being used for the fridge with the DVM and compare the voltage with no load on the circuit. The voltage should be very close to battery voltage with no more than .2 volts drop at the socket.

Now the circuit needs to be tested loaded.  This can be done a couple of different ways, either piercing the insulation on the fridge cord itself with the fridge on and running or by using a 55 watt bulb mocked up (an old fog lamp works well for this) to create the needed load. With the load on the circuit (fridge running or bulb lit) recheck the voltage. If the drop exceeds .7 volts the circuit is insufficient to keep the fridge running during extended periods of engine off time. In some vehicles we have found the loss to be as great as 3 volts at rear mounted sockets/

The Fix:

ARB now offers a kit with 18 foot of appropriately sized wire, needed terminals, fuse, and female socket to wire a full time permanently hot fridge plug into the vehicle. This is a cost effective solution to add the needed power capacity for the fridge and gain an additional outlet in the rear cargo area of the truck ensuring the fridge functions as it was designed. The kit part number is 10900011.

Alternatively, a do it yourself solution should use a minimum of 10 gauge wire directly from the battery for a run of 18 feet or less. Marine grade wire and connectors are recommended to avoid corrosion problems in harsh off-road conditions. For distances greater than 18 feet wire diameter should be upsized as required.


The most common problem by far for an ARB fridge to have is a poor power source. Even without all the above tests if the fridge shows a low voltage code and your battery simply isn’t low then it can be assumed that the circuit supplying power is suspect at best and should probably be upgraded to avoid the inevitable possibility of spoiled food or warm drinks in the future.


More info about the ARB Fridge, can be found here.