New ARB USA Website Launched

If you have visited the ARB USA website ( within the last couple of days, you probably have noticed that it looks completely different.

Click Image to Visit Site

For the past couple of years we have worked with our headquarters in Australia designing a new site that looks very similar to the Australian ARB website ( but tailored to the USA market.

We are happy to announce that after years of handwork by several individuals, the new website is live!

What’s new on the website?

  • Vehicle Application – Instead of just displaying PDF application sheets, we have incorporated a system that allows you to choose your make, model and year of vehicle. Once selected, you can choose the individual product categories and view what’s available for you vehicle make.
  • New Dealer Locator – We have fine tuned our dealer locator to not only allow you to search for your nearest ARB distributor, but also by product category and vehicle.
  • YouTube Videos – Over the past several years, one of the number one requests was that we incorporated more videos on our website. Well, we listened. If you look under the interactive section or toward the bottom of the home page, you will see our YouTube channel. Here we will upload new videos as they are filmed and edited.
  • New Interactive Section – We have added a new user interactive section on our website. Here you will find videos, downloadable computer desktop wallpapers and more.
  • Events Section – Here you will find a public calendar that will list events put on by our authorized distributors, events that ARB staff will be attending and more

We hope you enjoy our new website and find is more user friendly. As of right now, we are still finding little bugs here and there. If you find anything that doesn’t look right, please let us know by emailing us at