Put some spring in your ride and receive up to $150 in Visa Gift Card Rebate

Put some spring in your ride and receive up to $150 in Visa Gift Card Rebate.

Purchase an ARB Old Man Emu suspension kit between March 1, 2016 and April 30, 2016 for up to $150 in Visa Gift Cards. Rebate form must be submitted by May 31, 2016 in order to be eligible.

ARB Old Man Emu Suspension Systems

Unlike many other aftermarket suspensions that target a certain lift height, ARB’s Old Man Emu suspension systems are designed to be a fully integrated system that improves a vehicle’s performance, load carry capacity and handling. This is done by providing different shock valving and spring rate options to create a matched set of components that are engineered to work together to create the best ride and handling for everything from a stock daily driver pickup to a long-distance overland rig.

  • * Application specific
  • * Engineered for on and off road drivability
  • * 3 year / 35,000 mile warranty
  • * Manufactured in Australia


The following part numbers qualify for a $100 Rebate:
OMEJK4DLKS – JK 4-Door Light kit
OMEJK4DHKS – JK 4-Door Heavy kit
OMEJK2DHKS – JK 2-Door Heavy kit
OMETJLKS – TJ 1997-06 Light Kit
OMETJHKS – TJ 1997-06 Heavy Kit
OMEFJC10LKS – 2010+ FJ Cruiser Light Kit
OMEFJC10HKS – 2010+ FJ Cruiser Heavy Kit
OMEFJCLKS – 2007-09 FJ Cruiser Light Kit
OMEFJCHKS – 2007-09 FJ Cruiser Heavy Kit

The following part numbers qualify for a $125 Rebate:
OMETAC04LKS – Tacoma 1998-2004 Light Kit
OMETAC04HKS – Tacoma 1998-2004 Heavy Kit
OMETAC05LKSB – Tacoma 2005-15 Stock Kit
OMETAC05HKS – Tacoma 2005-15 Heavy Kit
OMETUN57LKS – Tundra 2007-14 Stock Kit
OMETUN47LKS – Tundra 2007-14 Stock Kit
OMETUN47HKS – Tundra 2007-14 Heavy Kit
OMEJK4 – JK 4″ kit

The following part numbers qualify for a $150 Rebate:
OMEF25011LFT3K – F250-350 3″ Lift Kit 2001-15
OMEF25008LFT3K – F250-350 3″ Lift Kit 2008-10
OMEF25011LFT4K – F250-350 4″ Lift Kit 2011-15
OMEF25008LFT4K – F250-350 4″ Lift Kit 2008-10
OMEFJC10HKBP51 – BP-51   2010-14 FJ Cruiser Kit Heavy
OMEFJC10LKBP51 – BP-51    2010-14 FJ Cruiser Kit Light
OMEJK4BP51 – BP-51 Jeep JK Kit

Rebates will be processed in 8-10 weeks from receipt of form submission.



To redeem, please complete the form below.

This offer is valid only for ARB Old Man Emu suspension kits purchased in the United States and Canada between 3/1/2016 and  4/30/2016. Offer valid for US and Canada residents only. Offer limited to one rebate per receipt. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Incomplete or illegible submissions will be denied, so take your time writing. PROOF OF PURCHASE IS REQUIRED for all models. Rebates that do not include proof of purchase will be rejected. Requests with an invalid or undeliverable address will be denied. Clubs, groups, organizations, resellers or associations are not eligible. Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery. Offer sponsor and service provider are not responsible for lost or misdirected mail. No claims against ‘lost’ materials can be honored unless accompanied by proof of receipt. Please retain a copy of all documentation. Original materials become the property of the offer sponsor and will not be returned. Reproduction of UPC barcode nullifies offer. This offer will not accept further processing activity 4 weeks from the last valid purchase date. If you have not received your rebate within 12 weeks please contact marketing@arbusa.com. Fraudulent submissions could result in federal prosecution under mail fraud statutes (Title 18 USC Sections 1341 & 1342). For information regarding the status of your rebate claim, call 425-264-1391.

ARB Off Road Icons Project Update: Toyota FJ40 & Nissan Patrol GQ

Our team has been pretty busy lately prepping the ARB Off Road Icons Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 and Nissan Patrol GQ for upcoming shows and to cross the Simpson desert in a few months. Check out all the mods the team in Australia performed to both vehicles in the videos below.

To learn more about the ARB Off Road Icons project, please visit – http://icons.arb.com.au

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

Nissan Patrol GQ