Recovery Strap Info

Vehicle recovery straps can be made from a number of different materials. Here at ARB, our snatch straps are manufactured from nylon while our tree trunk protectors and winch extension straps are made from polyester. The nylon is what gives the snatch strap the ability to stretch and return to its original shape. This stretch adds kinetic energy to your recovery efforts, but also prolongs the life of the strap. Polyester exhibits minimal stretching, thus making it ideal for tree savers and winch line extensions.

It is imperative for these straps to be stored in a clean, dry location when not in use. From testing, we know that a damp strap can loose 20% of its strength. Dirt, grit, chemicals, and oil will embed in the webbing and physically cut the fibers when put under stress.

We spent around 18 months developing and testing our new straps, trying many weave styles, widths, thicknesses and eye stitching styles to get to the strap we have today.

-Adapted from 4×4 Action article and email by Mark Lowry (Manager-Product Development & Evaluation)