ARB Air Locker Sweeps 2017 King of the Hammers Week

ARB Air Locker Sweeps 2017 King of the Hammers Week


ARB Air Lockers sweep the 2017 King of the Hammers week, with ARB Air Locker equipped vehicles winning all three Smittybilt Every Man Challenge classes (Legends, Modified and Stock) and the Nitto Tires King of the Hammers Crown. These races are a unique mix of high-speed desert sections and extreme rock crawling, which pushes the limits of the vehicle, endurance, and driving skill. The winner of each class relied on ARB Air Lockers to provide on-demand traction and true four-wheel drive.

Last week’s off-road racing started with the Smittybilt Every Man Challenge (EMC), a race created in 2012 as an entry level option for budget-minded racers looking to race during the King of the Hammers. The EMC race consists of three classes –  Stock, Modified and Legends. Differences in rules regarding chassis, drivetrain, suspension and tires create a wide variety in the entries, including some that are daily driven vehicles.

This year’s Legends class winner, Brad & Roger Lovell, have been competing in rock sports for over 10 years and running ARB Air Lockers throughout their successes. This year was no different; as they relied on the ARB Air Locker Ford 9” Competition Edition model in the rear axle. These brothers are no strangers to speed, as Brad races in the TORC short course series and numerous desert races. Brad and Roger Lovell would navigate their #232 racecar to 1st place in the 4800 Legends class. This was the fastest overall time in the 2017 Every Man Challenge, second year in a row and third time that the Lovell’s have taken the overall EMC win.

While the Lovell’s have been a staple of the 4×4 racing world, Modified class winner Marty Mann is new on the scene. Racing on the dirt is not new to him though, as he brought an extensive motocross racing history to the lakebed. Marty entered the EMC Modified class with a 500 horsepower, turbocharged 4-cylinder 1980 Toyota Pickup that proved to be winning combination. Marty started the race 91 cars back from the pole position and would race his Toyota, equipped with the ARB Air Locker- Ford 9” Competition Edition model, to the finish line as the Modified class winner and 3rd pace overall finisher in the 2017 Every Man Challenge.

The Stock class would see a familiar driver finally get his win. Ben Varozza has entered the EMC Stock class every year since 2012, but has come up just short of the podium. This year would be different with Ben starting on the pole in his ARB Air Locker equipped 4.6 liter stroked 1997 Jeep Wrangler TJ and he was able to defend his position throughout the entire race to claim the Stock class win and finish 21st overall.


Shannon Campbell, a name very familiar with rock sports and longtime ARB Air Locker sponsored driver, entered the 2017 King of the Hammers race chasing an elusive third King of the Hammers crown after winning in 2008 and 2011. For the 2017 campaign, the #5AZ buggy was equipped with a prototype 40-spline Ford 9” Competition Edition ARB Air Locker in the rear axle and a production competition 35-spline unit in the front axle. This year he would have to fight his son Wayland Campbell for the title, doing so by only 28 seconds. After several lead changes and hitting a rock wall, Shannon lost his front driver’s side tire and most of the wheel in the last mile of the race. Shannon continued to push hard, down to 3 tires, to the finish line to become the first 3-time King of the Hammers champion.

Watch Shannon Campbell’s 2017 King of the Hammers highlight video below.


  • Shannon Campbell – 1st Place – 4400 ULTRA4 Unlimited Class
  • Brad Lovell – 1st Place 4800 Legends Class
  • Marty Mann – 1st Place 4500 Modified Class
  • Ben Varozza – 1st Place 4600 Stock Class




The 2016 SEMA show has officially come and gone. If you are unfamiliar with the SEMA show, it’s a premier aftermarket automotive product trade show that is only open to trade personnel. For ARB 4×4 Accessories, it’s an opportunity to display new and upcoming product to ARB dealers and the numerous media outlets that are constantly roaming the show for content.

Even though the show is not open to the public, ARB makes sure the public isn’t left out and publishes the new product that is being displayed in the show booth on the ARB social media channels. This year ARB 4×4 Accessories was excited to display several new 2016 On Toyota Tacoma accessories as well as non vehicle specific products.

If you missed the social media posts or don’t follow us on Facebook or Instagram, don’t worry we have linked all the new product below that was revealed at the SEMA show.


All-Weather 63QT ARB Fridge Freezer

ARB All-Weather Fridge Freezer


  • Stainless steel body with ARB embossing
  • Unique infinite-position gas spring assisted lid
  • Durable ASA plastic protective moldings
  • Tamper-proof bolts for permanent mounting
  • Security pin code protected electronic locking system
  • Weather protected control panel
  • Backlit LED display with dimming function
  • Wireless display compatible
  • Built in 3-stage battery protection
  • LED rear facing cabinet light with auto on/off

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2014 On Toyota 4Runner Summit Bar


  • Vehicle specific design
  • Registered design of styling and design components
  • Durable steel construction for maximum protection
  • Features ARB’s renowned multi fold upswept and tapered wing design for optimum strength and approach angle
  • Engineered, airbag compatible mounting system secures to the chassis via high tensile hardware
  • Split pan design for maximum strength and airflow
  • Twin Hi-Lift jack points
  • ARB LED indicator and clearance light
  • ARB Fog Light provisions

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ARB Intensity 40 LED Light Bar

ARBIntensityLightbar0716_WhiteBG_013-Edit copy ARBIntensityLightbar0716_WhiteBG_048-Edit copy



  • Multiple mounts available for mounting to ARB bumpers, roof racks and universal flat surfaces
  • Large aluminum heatsink extruded body to draw heat away from LED array
  • Unique antitheft fasteners
  • IP68 rated water resistance with Gore breather – Submergible up to 9.8′
  • Includes 100% optically clear, scratch and uv resistance 3.5mm clear protection cover (other colors will be available)

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2016 On Toyota Tacoma Accessories


As you will see below, several new accessories were shown for the 2016 On Toyota Tacoma to essentially create a complete package for the Tacoma.


Rear Summit Bar



  • Retains OE town bar assembly including trailer wiring and license plate illumination
  • Hi-Lift Jack point provisions
  • Press formed wings
  • Anodized step extrusion
  • Main tube frame

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Summit Side Steps and Rails




  • Vehicle specific design for the Toyota Tacoma
  • Registered design of styling and design components
  • Durable steel construction for maximum protection
  • Compatible with side curtain airbags
  • Anodized step extrusion featuring ridges for additional grip
  • Finished in satin black powder coat that is easily paintable to match your factory paint color
  • Supplied with corrosion resistant fasteners

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Safari Snorkel

ARB 2nd & 3rd generation Toyota Tacoma snorkel photography shoot


  • Raises air intake to prevent water ingestion, while also allowing vehicles to utilize clean air when driving in dusty conditions
  • Vehicle specific design and factory airbag adaptions fit
  • Manufactured using durable, UV stable cross linked polyethylene material
  • Supplied as a comprehensive kit, including the necessary fasteners and mounting brackets
  • Unique air ram design acts as a highly efficient water separator to remove rain water from incoming air stream
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia
  • 10% higher CFM for this application over other brand snorkels

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ARB Roof Rack System



  • Rack mount utilizes OE mount holes
  • Utilizes already available 52×44″  ARB steel roof rack (3800250)
  • Stainless steel fasteners

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Nitto Tires JK Experience Alaska – Day 6 & 7

Day 7 of the 2016 JKX Alaska.

Friday Day 6

Friday’s adventure would start with us winding through a pretty narrow canyon eventually directing us onto a long narrow ridge trail. The ridge at times was just wide enough for the track width of the JK as it snaked along debris covered Castner Glacier in the Red Rock Canyon.

Day 6 of the 2016 JKX Alaska.

The ARB Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited traveling on a narrow ridge that runs along the Castner

Eventually the ridge came to an end dumping us on what would be best described as river rock, part of the former path of a the glacier. We drove as far as possible before stopping for lunch.

Day 6 of the 2016 JKX Alaska.

Lunch break on Day 6.

On the way back down, we took another route that took us to a cool little unnamed alpine lake where we grouped the Jeeps together for a quick group photo just as the rain started to fall.

Day 6 of the 2016 JKX Alaska.

All the members posing in front of a remote, unnamed lake.

Back on the trail for a bit more and we quickly ended up at College Creek, where after a short walk, we were greeted by a questionable suspension bridge that crosses the creek on the way to the Gulkana Glacier.

Day 6 of the 2016 JKX Alaska.

A few of the members venturing over a suspension bridge, a footpath to the Gulkana Glacier.

A few of us ventured over the bridge to quickly return after making the trip over the creek. After, we were back on the trail on our way to the last night of JKX in Glennallen.

Saturday Day 7

On the final day of JKX, we found ourselves in the the Knik River Public Use Area. After airing down in the parking lot, we entered the trail system passing lakes with the locals fishing, small sand dunes and crossing several deep waters crossings.

Day 7 of the 2016 JKX Alaska.

Aired down ready for the day’s adventure.

The water level became high enough that we could no longer travel the dry river bed forcing us into tight, winding trails through the forest and brush. Once entering the trail, the trail became very tight and muddy with deep water filled ruts. This section of the trailed seemed to go forever before kicking us back out on the river bed where we traveled until we reached the most spectacular view of the entire trip, the Knik Glacier.

Day 7 of the 2016 JKX Alaska.

Navigating a pretty narrow ridge on the way to the Knik Glacier.

After what seemed like a long time traveling through tight, muddy trails, river rock and crossing several creek/river crossings, we were suddenly surprised by a small bay filled with floating icebergs that were being deposited by the Knik Glacier.

Day 7 of the 2016 JKX Alaska.

First views of the Knik Glacier on Day 7.

Day 7 of the 2016 JKX Alaska.

View of the Knik Glacier on day 7.

Day 7 of the 2016 JKX Alaska.

View of the Knik Glacier on day 7.

We lined the Jeeps up with the icebergs and glacier behind the Jeep and enjoyed one of the most spectacular lunch locations possible via Jeep. What a way to cap off the week long 2016 JK Experience in Alaska.

Day 7 of the 2016 JKX Alaska.

Group photo in front of the Knik Glacier.

After enjoying lunch, we all lined up next to our Jeeps for one last group photo before heading back to the pavement on our way back to where we started, Anchorage. We were greeted by local Jeep enthusiasts waiting for us at the Peanut Farm restaurant and grill where we were scheduled to have one last dinner together before parting ways, aka the “Survivor’s Dinner.”

Day 7 of the 2016 JKX Alaska.

The ARB Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited in front of the Knik Glacier.

We exchanged stories from the week, ate great food and consumed beverages. Then it was time to say goodbye to new friends as we parted ways. What a week in Alaska and memories for a lifetime.

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