ARB Portable Twin Compressor – Overland Journal Editors Choice Award

OJARB Portable Twin Motor Air Compressor

Chris Collard, editor-in-chief of Overland Journal, evaluated six different portable air compressors for the 2015 Gear Issue. As he points out in the article having compressed air on demand provides the ability to reinflate tires, run pneumatic tools, and clean parts. Each of which can be a vital aspect of any four-wheel drive trip.

The evaluations tests included evaluating duty cycle, output, and heat dissipation. Each compressor was run through a gamut of tests which evaluated each compressor’s ability to reseat a tire bead, run pneumatic tools, inflate a tire, and maintain duty cycles.

ARB 4×4 Accessories is proud to announce that the ARB CKMTP12 Twin Motor Portable Compressor was awarded the prestigious “Editor’s Choice” award by Overland Journal over all other competitors for its performance during this evaluation. To read more about the Overland Journal test, pick up the issue at your local magazine rack!

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