ARB King of the Hammers Contingency

Once again ARB 4×4 Accessories is happy to be offering a King of the Hammers contingency payout for the 2016 King of the Hammers race.

Contingency payout will be awarded to the qualifying winner of the following classes:

  • 4400 Ultra4 – $3000
  • 4500 Modified – $500
  • 4600 Stock – $500
  • 4800 Legends – $500

To qualify, you must be running at least one, ARB Air Locker and two ARB 4×4 Accessories logos (no smaller than 7″ in width) or two ARB Air Locker logos.

Please completely fill out the online application form (see link below). Decal packs will be available for those who filled out the online form at the ARB booth in Hammertown from February 1st – 4th.

Winners are responsible to contact ARB 4×4 Accessories at [email][/email] for payment.

Are you in need of an ARB Air Locker for the 2016 Ultra4 season? Please submit your team’s sponsorship media packet to the ARB KOH Sponsorship Committee (click to email) to apply for a product sponsorship. Please include the air locker application needed as well as additional ARB product requests.

Along with the contingency program, ARB will once again be on location offering full technical support to all racers competing with ARB product. Look for the ARB 4×4 Accessories race support trailer next to the driver’s meeting tent in Hammertown from Sunday January 31st through Thursday February 4th.

Thank you for running ARB product and good luck in this year’s King of the Hammers Race.

ARB 4×4 Accessories

Note: Please complete and submit the below form before January 22nd. Your decal pack will be available at the ARB booth in Hammertown from February 1st-4th.

Link – ARB 2016 King of the Hammers Contingency Application